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The Extension Cord for Residential Treadmills

TREADCORD is the extension cord designed for use with 120 Volt residential treadmills rated up to 15 Amps. That covers virtually every residential treadmill made for use in the USA.


  • 90 degree, 3 prong NEMA 5 -15 plug to help keep the plug in the outlet and to help keep the cord close to the wall to minimize tripping hazards.
  • Stylish flat cord with three 14 AWG conductors.
  • Durable NEMA 5-15 connector.
  • Rated for service up to 1,875 Watts. Exceeds the power requirements of most home treadmills.
  • Its 9 foot length allows your treadmill's power cord to reach most outlets safely to facilitate convenient placement of your treadmill.
  • Compatible with all 15 Amp residential treadmills made for use in the USA including Landice, Life Fitness, Nordic Track, Pacemaster, Precor, Proform, Smooth, Sports Art, Vision and many, many more!

Do not risk your family's safety by using an ordinary extension cord that is inappropriate for the job. Be safe, use a TREADCORD.

Besides the safety factor, using an ordinary extension cord to serve a residential treadmill can affect the performance of the treadmill and on some models, can cause random error codes that will in turn stop the running belt, interrupt your workout and may cause you to think that there is a problem with the treadmill when the real trouble is using the wrong extension cord to supply power to the treadmill.

TREADCORDs are only

$29.95 each

Free shipping and handling anywhere in the USA!

To order, please call 215-773-6900 or email

(Sales tax will be added to NJ & PA orders.)

For your safety, please read the following message: TREADCORDs are intended to serve one and only one residential treadmill, which is rated for 120 Volts, 15 Amps (or less) service at a time and they must be used with a three hole grounded outlet. Do not string TREADCORDs together. Do not run a TREADCORD (or any extension cord ) under the treadmill, carpets, furniture or other gym equipment. All treadmills should be on a dedicated circuit. Do not modify a TREADCORD, do not use an adaptor on either end of a TREADCORD and do not use a TREADCORD in conjunction with a power surge strip.


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